02 May 2012

28th Anniversary Celebration: Cheng, Yeung & Co. marks milestones

As the Firm celebrates its 28th anniversary, 2012 also marks Co-founder & Senior Partner Mr. Benny Yeung's 30th anniversary in serving the legal profession. The Firm hosted a celebration dinner for employees and their families at the Hong Kong Bankers Club on 27th April 2012. It was a night filled with emotional reunions and heart-felt sentiment.

"As we celebrate the Firm's 28th anniversary, we don't take for granted all of your support and encouragement over these many years," said the Firm's Co-founder and Senior Partner Mr. Benny Yeung. "I think that the magnitude of that accomplishment deserves some reflection and attention. Tonight is intended to be a small token of our appreciation for all of our many supporters and colleagues."