15 August 2022

Our Managing Partner, Miss Eliza Chang : completed a relay swim across Loch Ness in Scotland on 27th July 2022

After having successfully swum across the English Channel with two other lawyers in 2020, Miss Eliza Chang, the managing partner of this firm, has recently completed a new challenge. She led three other swimmers to become the first ever relay team from Hong Kong to have completed a swim across Loch Ness in Scotland. Eliza is the former Chairperson of the Recreation and Sports Committee and Honorary Swimming Captain of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

Despite all the hardships, the team accomplished the extraordinary mission on 27thJuly 2022 in cool weather by swimming 37 kilometers (23 miles) across Loch Ness in 11 hours 29 mins 27 seconds, which is a new official  record of the four-person mixed relay category under the British Long Distance Swimming Association. The result is being ratified by the Association.

Congratulations to the four swimmers from the Hong Kong relay team!