28 March 2018

We keep pace with cyber issues and cyber security

The pace of technological change is fast and getting faster in this changing world.  We must look at the future and devise whatever management and operation measures that are necessary for proper running of the firm.  We must also learn how cyber technology can help our legal cases and our clients.  The issues surrounding cyber security and the broader concept of cyber-resilience are something which we need to master.

We have arranged two in-house seminars on 22nd March and 27th March 2018 presented by Mr. Onyen Yong, Director of Arsenal Consulting on the topic “Practical Benefits of Digital Forensics for Lawyers”.  Mr. Onyen Yong is very experienced in the field of digital forensic and network security.

Digital forensics involve identifying, preserving, analyzing and reporting on electronic evidence.  With the presentation made by Mr. Yong, we learnt the practical benefits of applying digital forensics in our legal work and day to day handling of the computer system. We have gained perspectives on the value of digital forensics in both investigations and litigation and how we can better improve the cyber security of our practice.

These seminars are specially arranged for all staff members and solicitors of this firm in order to enhance their knowledge regarding important digital and cyber issues which are very relevant to our practice.  Given the rapid development of the cyber world, to equip ourselves with knowledge regarding cyber issues is highly important.