Notarization and Attestation

The Firm's China-Appointed Attesting Officer provides services in relation to the attestation and certification of corporate and personal legal acts, matters and documents in Hong Kong for use in the Mainland. The areas of attesting services cover marital status, family re-union, succession to estate, adoption of children, financial guarantee for overseas education, deed of gift, power of attorney, status of Hong Kong/offshore companies, certification of documents, property transaction and mortgage documents, the appointment of legal representative and drawing up legal opinion for arbitration proceedings or litigation in the Mainland.

The Firm's notary public services include the preparations, witnessing, authentication and verification of documents and information for use outside Hong Kong such as powers of attorney, commercial contracts and business documents, immigration and migration documents, incorporation documents of companies, documents for sale and purchase of foreign property, probate documents, ship's protest, witnessing/authenticating signature on documents and administrating oaths and affirmations.